Hi, my name is Carolina Mejia, I am 28 years old and I was born deaf. My whole life I have communicated through sign language. My parents both sign pretty fluently and so does my younger sister; Alejandra. A little back story about my childhood; is that I was born with many complications. The doctors told my parents that I had a medical condition that they had never heard of; they told them to be prepared for the worst.  For 2 ½ years my parents went back and forth with me to the hospital. When I was 2 ½ years old I had heart surgery. And after that, I was finally healthy enough to go home. My life is a miracle! Where doctors had many opinions and thoughts about my condition, God knew the facts and the fact of the matter is that I would live!

Who I was before Jesus came into my life is hard to remember. It’s pretty surprising that after your life has been changed for a while, you quickly forget what you were once like. Before Christ, I was a depressed teenager who was addicted to playing video games. I would play from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed. (With a few breaks in between, food, restroom, etc.)

I was an angry person and fought with my younger sister often. I learned to tell lies so I wouldn’t get in trouble and also found myself stealing things that I liked. The anger and depression I once felt, I believe came from being bullied at school. It mostly happened in the 7th grade. I remember looking for answers and wanting to believe in a higher power. A Jehovah’s Witness teacher used to come to my home a few times a month to teach me their beliefs. For years I thought I knew God, but I never felt complete. It wasn’t until December 5, 2012.

My friend Raquel invited me and my friend Karina to a Spanish church to hear a preacher. My friend Karina’s sister interpreted what the preacher was saying. I remember responding to the altar call and the preacher praying for me. I was crying so hard! Never had I felt what I did that night! There was no denying of how REAL GOD was to me at that moment! And still is! Jesus took all my anger, my depression, and my addiction to video games, and my fear! I will never forget that night!

Something very close to my heart was the day my cousin Landy reached out to me. I was in college getting out of an art class when she text me. She invited me to a church conference and interpreted every part of the conference for me. I was a new believer at the time and I didn’t even have a bible. A few days after the conference she came to my house and brought me a small purple bible with my name engraved on it. I was so scared to have a bible because my parents are atheist. They weren’t exactly thrilled of my new found faith. For a while there I had to hide my bible and anything related to Christianity. My dad was convinced that I was brain washed!


My parents learned to accept my faith in Jesus even though they don’t believe. My prayers remain the same, and I stand firm in believing that one day they will come to know Jesus!

Today in Christ, I am a business owner! I paint bible covers, notebook covers, occasional canvas art and I will also be offering wooden signs! My business is called paint and bibles! I have always had a passion for art and spent years taking art classes in college. I never knew I would be using this for the glory of God! I’ve never had a job and for a good while there I wasn’t sure I would. My family definitely didn’t expect this! I had a lot of help from my cousin Landy; she has believed in me every step of the way. She has prayed for me, with me, encouraged me, and driven me a little crazy but mostly has been a huge help! A verse that has hit home so many times for me is Jeremiah 29:13 which says, ‘You will search for me. And when you search for me with all your heart, you will find me.’ (NCV)

Many times I have gone to the Lord and He has always met me where I was at! I believe God can and will do the same for you! I am an ordinary girl, with health problems and stories for days, but most importantly a servant of the Lord.

Lastly, my prayer and vision for paint and bibles is this, to encourage people to stay in their word! Encourage creativity in the church worldwide! Spread the gospel one bible at a time! And pray for every single person that orders a bible or anything else on our site!

Carolina Mejia

Long Beach, California

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/paintandbibles

Site: COMING SOON (Follow my instagram for updates)

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