– Sarah McDugal { Isaiah 58:6 } –

I was raised in a loving faith-filled home, with parents who dedicated themselves to helping me learn to love Jesus.

I always felt a connection to Jesus, and a desire to follow what was right and live in a positive way. I grew up and married a pastor, and spent years working in ministry to women and teen girls. The problem was that I was also surviving an abusive relationship at home and over the years, it eroded my identity to the point that my friends and family felt like they’d mysteriously lost the person they once knew.

During that decade, I walked with Jesus and was active in church and ministry on the surface, but also lived with constant feeling of numb disconnectedness. Eventually life exploded in an inferno that shattered reality as I knew it.

In the years since I became a single mother, my experience with God has taken an entirely new shape. I realized that the only path beyond the pain and heartbreak was to immerse myself in connection with Jesus. When I didn’t, I was consumed by fear, worry, anxiety, doubt, and anguish.

Now, I work as a leadership development coach, serving women who are recovering from abusive relationships and are ready to leave their wounds behind and live WILD, confident leadership rooted in Christ’s Wisdom, Identity, Legacy and Daring.

Sarah McDugal, 38, Florida

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