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Public Speaker Gracelyn Sorrell born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, IL shares a unique, captivating message. From the inspiration and knowledge of her savior Jesus Christ, Gracelyn has decided to devote her life to purity at a young age. Inspired by her mother at just 16 years old, Gracelyn decided to say “yes” to living a pure lifestyle. Not fully aware of what this lifestyle truly meant at the time- there were many obstacles and daily questions as to what her purpose in life was. Due to long inspirational Snapchat stories, many requested her to begin creating content and sharing relationship advice. Gracelyn then became a YouTuber in April 2016. Soon after, she became a radio show co-host, podcaster, blogger, author and conference host all at ages 17-18. Gracelyn is currently pursuing full-time ministry and in preparation of her much anticipated conference “The Purity Conference” 2019. As this 19-year-old purity advocate expands and continues to share her lifestyle of purity, she needs everyone to know that in a world full of impurity that “Purity Is Possible”.


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“The Purity Journey”


Purity is something that we often hear, but not quite comprehend. Purity is not only saving your temple to have sex until marriage, that’s called abstinence. Which is a huge aspect of purity, but also the last aspect of purity. Purity goes back to Adam and Eve… when they were naked and unashamed (Genesis 2:4). God created them so perfect and sinless…. until BOOM Eve gave in to the temptation of the enemy and suddenly passed it down to generations upon generations (Genesis 3:1). Now here I am explaining to you what purity is (Thanks Eve-lol), but I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. That in itself says a lot… What you do now will BE later. Discern the relationships that you are getting into, discern the friendships that you have, feed your soul nothing but goodness (Purity Workbook- Gracelynsorrell.com). But what if Eve were to say no? The pure in heart would have lasted and resided upon generations, but then wouldn’t we be living in a utopia? 


When I think about purity, I think of the purest form of me. Before I knew what opinions were, before I was exposed to fear, worries, and doubts, even before I knew what it felt like to be ‘a sinner’. In the beginning, before I was exposed to the ways of this world, I was perfect, I had life, I embodied the image of Christ. That came from a seed that God planted in my mother’s womb. But even before the seed was planted, a powerful breath was breathed and from there, creation was formed. In our purest form- we were perfect, worriless, selfless, kind, beautiful, and the list goes on… until our exposure to the world- which is sin. When we come out of our mother’s womb we are the seed that was planted which is now harvested. Now there is a GOOD seed in the ground (earth), you are that good seed. I was saved, and knew Christ, but what about sin?


Until you lose a friend, a father, a lover, and your dignity, you are pure. See, I lost a lot early in my life which led me to fall. I fell into love. Or so what I thought to be love which was lust. I was pure, then I sinned. I experienced “The fall”. I was cheated on, then molested by same sex, which led to identity issues, and depression, on top of questions, butterflies, and a hypotheses as to WHY I WAS BORN. All of these actions only reflected my past until…


At 15, we met again. This time face to face. His name is Jesus Christ. In worship, prayer time, and intentional fasting, we developed a great relationship. The purest form of me decided that I NEEDED the purest form of Christ. If I could let go of sins, He could let go of blessings. If I didn’t let go of sin, well my life would be a waste… So I let go, and let God. This was the moment when it hit me…. no not joy, the process. After all that I had experienced early on needed to be healed. Then after healing I was unaware that I had to go through the process of becoming whole, then after wholeness, the pursuit of God and holiness, then after pursuit, purity, then after purity….HEAVEN. “Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God” (Matthew 5:8, KJV). And the journey never ends. There will be better days than others. There will be distractions and there will be temptation, there will be life, then everlasting life but a pure heart cancels every demonic force. Which life will you choose? 


You must take control over your mind, body, and soul. I know, your flesh and desires are strong but one thing that I know for sure is that “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever” (Psalm 73:26, NIV). So you will fail, but not ‘you’ as in your being and spirit but ‘you’ as in your mind and flesh. Your job is to take control and authority over it. Ask God to be your mind regulator! Pray, fast, seek God, and FOCUS. 


Let me tell you, I got off of social media for an ENTIRE YEAR! Hardest decision of my life… but I did it. I stopped taking half-dressed pictures, and turning to the side basically popping my hip out of my socket, I was done comparing, I was finished looking for acceptance, relationships, and empty advice from broken sources… I finally made a DECISION to die to my flesh… which is still not easy. With past pornography and masturbation addiction, there is still an enemy waiting for you to fail but you MUST NOT. You CANNOT. There is no other choice. You are a daughter, you are a son, a loved soul. 


Here are some practical tips: If someone asks you if you have a condom, say “I don’t” if someone asks you if you have chapstick for a good make out session say “I don’t” if someone asks if you have time to talk on the phone or go on a date, say “I don’t” if someone asks if you love them and you truly don’t say…. well you know what I mean (Don’t be a heartbreaker, use WISDOM in every response). Say “I don’t” now so later you can boldly, confidently, and wholly say “I do” later. Use wisdom and boldly say “I DON’T” in consideration of “I DO”!!!!


The process to purity was a process to purpose. I did it, I am doing it, and you can too. Purity: Living a pure lifestyle on purpose. I now understand, I now breathe, and I now consume Christ. Let that be your declaration. Start today. 


Gracelyn Sorrell

The Purity Conference (TPC)



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