Hi, my name is Morgan Crocker, I am 17 years old I currently live in Texas. My journey started when I was born to missionary parents in the eastern tropical lowlands of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, I began my life in a third world country. After a four year term, my parents returned to the United States with me and my four siblings in tow. With Spanish as my first language, I  had a difficult time adjusting to U.S. culture. However, after a year or so, I lost my Spanish language and took on the southern Alabama accent of my parents’ home state.

Shortly after relocating to Alabama, my dad was called to serve as Youth Pastor in Rainbow City, Alabama. Both my parents have always had a passion for orphans and began fostering for the local county Department of Human Resources. This new role brought a lot of changes in my family and into my home. During the next several years, more than 80 children came through the revolving door of my home, which exposed me to a broad range of cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Along with the diversity in backgrounds, I was also exposed to the baggage that came with my new siblings which included neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and other childhood trauma.

Despite the severe behaviors that were a result of the childhood trauma, my parents adopted four of the children that they had fostered. They also took in a Bolivian teenager from the country where we had previously served as missionaries. My sibling group doubled overnight and we were now a diverse family of several different ethnicities. One of my new brothers was born with a genetic disorder which left him very medically fragile and required my parents to work with him around the clock. He had a feeding tube placed and wasn’t expected to live. Another new brother was born addicted to drugs and required my mom to help him detox. The other two siblings from foster care had very severe behavioral issues which brought a lot of screaming and violence into my home.

My parents were extremely overwhelmed and my house was no longer a safe haven. I turned to Food. I was lost. I felt abandoned and overwhelmed at such a young age that I overate because that was the only route of control that I had. One Sunday the pastor was talking about how we as God’s children we don’t have to worry about control because God does the hard part for us. I broke down and surrendered my life to Christ. Children’s choir in my local church birthed a passion for sharing the Gospel through music. I began to share my dream and calling that God planted in me, but no one believed that I could be successful. Despite the lack of encouragement, I was determined to pour myself into music and prayed God would provide opportunities for me to develop and grow. God answered my prayers.

During the summer after my seventh-grade year, my dad suddenly and unexpectedly lost his job. In the midst of an already chaotic life, I was forced to leave behind all that I had ever known and relocated to Texas on the border of Mexico where my dad was called to serve. I then was mad at God. I yelled and screamed to heaven asking why he was ripping my “plan” apart. Little did I know that God was just Giving more opportunity to chase my dream. God took this tragic loss and turned it into a beautiful blessing for my entire family. My siblings received the help they needed and I was able to attend a school that has a strong music program. Throughout high school, I have been heavily involved in Choir and a church band. I then decided to start writing my own music because this ministry that God called me to was one where I had to be fearless for the sake of his Gospel. I feel God now calling me to pursue a degree in Commercial Music. I will be studying in Nashville, Tennessee. My life with Christ right now is based on a lot of just trusting him in daily things. He is constantly reminding me that I don’t have to worry about how people view me, the financial status of my future because it’s all in his hands. God is also working through to minister to the lost community that I live in. My town is 99% Non believing people. So I believe that he has sent me here to be a light in this dark town. My favorite flower is the Canterbury Bell because its purple color reminds me of the majesty of Christ.


James 1:27

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”-

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