– As a young Christian woman… –

As a young Christian woman I made many mistakes, wish I could take them back, however, all I can do is learn from them and grow from those. Having correct theology has helped me to be deeply rooted in who I am in Christ and my calling as a sister in Christ to my fellow neighbors.(Matthew 5:43-48) Repent and apologize for those mistakes, pray about how we can improve in those areas and give them to the Lord.⠀

The older I become the more I realize that the importance of guarding my heart. And if I am hurt or spoken ill about, NEVER EVER retaliate and stay humble before the Lord.(1 Peter 5:7) For I have to daily remember as I pick up my cross and follow Him, we are all emotional humans and sinners by nature. INCLUDING MYSELF. Which is why the Lord has so heavily imprinted inside my heart to continue to seek Him in all circumstances and He will fight for me, all I have to do is stay quiet and in my private place, pray for them. ⠀

The Lord has taught me to listen more and speak less.(James 1:19) ⠀

Being a people pleaser haunted me for years, God had to really work in my life and heart to show me I don’t have to prove myself. I don’t live to please men, I live to please Him alone and serve men as He calls me to.⠀

If you have made mistakes as a youngster, don’t condemn yourself beloved. Don’t stop running after the Lord, don’t take out your anger on God, continue to love Him and others. It’s a learning process and again I will remind you, as I daily remind myself, we are all sinful humans who make mistakes. Don’t hold hate or grudges on others for what they have done, and don’t hold those same emotions on yourself for hurting others. ⠀

Daily pick up your cross, allow God to edify you, renew your mind and heart. Lastly, put on the full armor. For what comes out of the mouth is what’s inside your heart. (Matthew 15:18) If you speak hate or ill that’s what lives in your heart. If you hurt others in private or public is because YOU are hurt. I encourage YOU to lay it all at the feet of the cross and let Him take away the hate, hurt and pain.⠀

With love,


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