Hello beloved friend, welcome!

My Name is Krystell Caycedo, I am 28 years old and my first real and true love is Jesus Christ. On January 27th 2014, I repented of my sins and was granted the gift of salvation. However, that was not always the case. For many years I was a “skeptic” due to a very abusive relationship, eventually lost all faith. The enemy had a strong grip over my life and was blind. I was what you call an “atheist.” BUT GOD!!!

The calling and purpose of my life as a speaker and writer is to encourage and uplift you to walk and speak in BOLDNESS through the Gospel. Social media is a place of delusion, where it all seems “perfect” and is not the case. If you decide to follow me on the journey the Lord has set me on as a wife, mother, speaker and writer… you will discover that I share the PRETTY and the UGLY of reality of LIFE, through the Word of God.

The Lord planted a seed in my heart, I was lead to begin “Authentic you testimonies worldwide.” Empowering and encouraging women worldwide to boldly step out from shame into freedom and reach their full potential.

I was born in Mexico. I have two siblings and I am the oldest. Growing up I did not have my parents in my life, my grandmother raised me most of my life. I am a black belt in Tae-Kown-do and currently training MMA, I teach martial arts and I have been practicing the sport for 25 years of my life. Love photography, drawing and painting. Art is a form of expression my words can’t express. Writing and poetry is also a deep passion in my heart. Was as a model, video beauty/vixen in the world, before the Lord rescued me. Today I am model for Christian clothing lines. Glorifying The Lord through modesty.

God has turned the mess of my past as a model into a message.

God has given me the opportunity to travel Texas as a speaker and teacher of the Gospel. I get invited to conferences, churches and event to speak and teach the Word. Also travel doing mission work within the United States.

 Advocate for human trafficking, sex trafficked victims, domestic violence, abused mentally/emotionally/mentally and spiritually and lastly, orphans have a special place in our hearts (I will be sharing more about this in the near future). You will also read about the work that we do to help bring awareness to this heavy realties.  Currently working on my degree in human behavior and theology to be a counselor and help survivors, of abuse in all areas of life and sex trafficked survivors.

 Married to my childhood friend, Sebastian Caycedo. We dated for almost 3 years, the entire relationship was long distance. I was attending a university and living in San Antonio, Texas. And he was living  in Fort worth, Texas. Got engaged and soon after we were married. We are now the parents to our beloved daughter, Chloe Rose Caycedo. We praise God for this miracle and gift in our lives. We welcomed her July 2019. My husband and I own a house flipping company as well as a new construction company. God has blessed our companies, we could not be more grateful and thankful.

 The scripture that is tattooed in my heart is Isaiah 6:8 “Then I heard the Voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here I am. Send me!”

I strive to live by this scripture each and everyday. I do not know what is to come in the next years, what I do know is that God holds our future, each and every day is a new day to impact the world through the Gospel and bring God glory.

Always remember we are better together, empowering and encouraging one another, not competing. We all have unique gifts and talents. Let’s help each other bloom in the Lord and champion one another.